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Trip Planners

The staff at the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center has more than 35 years experience planning trips for Conservative groups to Europe and Israel. Thousands have already enjoyed an enriching and exciting European and Israel experience. Contact us so we can plan your synagogue’s next meaningful excursion overseas together. E-mail:

You pick the country – we’ll do the rest!


Explore the amazing cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome or learn about the rich Jewish history in Toledo, Granada or Prague.

Discover the towering spires of Berlin or learn about the Gaon of Vilna.

In Poland, tour Cracow, Warsaw and Lublin along with visits to the concentration camps.

Learn about the past, present, and future of these unique Jewish communities on a one-of-a-kind kosher tour with meaningful Shabbat experiences.

You pick the country – we’ll do the rest.


From the Golan Heights in the North to Masada in the South, tour, pray, and sing your way through Israel.

See Jewish history evolve from the first and second Temples in Jerusalem to Independence Hall in Tel Aviv.

We will build an itinerary to meet your synagogue’s needs and allow participants to explore our people’s rich history while learning and experiencing our present and future.

You pick the dates – we’ll do the rest.