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Center on Campus

Arba Kanfot – The Center On Campus program  offers enrichment for overseas students studying in Israeli Universities and is committed to “Klal Yisrael”, “Tikkun Olam” and the greater community. It facilitates contact with local Kehillot on an ongoing basis throughout the academic year.
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General Synagogue Information:
There are over 50 Masorti synagogues throughout Israel.
Here are two recommendations.
Ramot Zion Conservative/Masorti Synagogue, 68 Bar Kochba street, French Hill. An egalitarian synagogue just a five minute walk from the Hebrew University Student Village. Daily Minyan: 7:00 am.,  Friday Night: one halfhour after candle lighting. Saturday Morning: 8:45 am.

Kehilat Tiferet Shalom, Rozin Center- Rechov Drezner 2a, Ramat Aviv Gimel is a Masorti, egalitarian community, minutes from the Brodetsky and Einstein dorms of Tel Aviv University.