Today is March 24, 2018 -

Find a Masorti Synagogue

The Masorti movement has grown to include approximately 50 kehillot throughout Israel, promoting pluralism and offering programs and activities to sustain, educate and enrich the communities in which they are located.

While largely started 30-40 years ago by English speaking olim, today Masorti is very much an indigenous Israeli movement. When a language other than Hebrew is heard, it is as likely to be Spanish or Russian as English.

Reaching out to all segments of Israeli society, Masorti kehillot present a unique, modern approach to traditional, halakhic practice that promotes adherence to the values of tolerance, pluralism, social responsibility, Zionism and democracy. Masorti kehillot actively support multiple chesed projects and teach by example that a spiritual community has obligations beyond its own border.

Visitors are always welcome at Masorti kehillot.

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