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  • Bereshit 5770

    Parshat Breshit Shabbat Mahar Hodesh (1 Samuel 20:18-42) October 17, 2009 29 Tishre 5770 Parshat Bereishit – Mahar Hodesh (1 Samuel 20:18-42) This special haftarah catches us in the middle of a very tragic story. What ties it to this particular Shabbat is the mention in the opening verse of King Saul\’s Rosh Hodesh banquet […] Continue Reading »

  • Bereshit 5769

    Parshat Bereshit (Isaiah 42:5-43:10) October 25, 2008 26 Tishre 5769 Among the varied messages in this week\’s haftarah, Isaiah sought to arouse amongst his brethren an awareness that the painful exile had been brought about by their misdeeds and that only an awareness of this truth would bring about a change in their situation. This […] Continue Reading »

  • Bereshit 5768

    Parshat Bereshit (Isaiah 42:5-43:10) 24 Tishre 5768 October 6, 2007 Parshat Bereshit offers the Torah\’s account of the creation of world. It establishes God\’s role as the sole Creator of the world and, as a consequence, God\’s position as the Ruler of the world. The haftarah for this Shabbat, taken from Isaiah, was chosen because […] Continue Reading »

  • Bereshit 5763

    Haftarah Breshit – Mahar Hodesh (I Samuel 20:18-42) October 5, 2002 This year Parshat Bereshit coincides with the eve of Rosh Hodesh Cheshvan. The special haftarah for this Shabbat recounts an episode in the acrimonious relationship between King Saul and David which happened on the eve of Rosh Hodesh. In this particular episode, David arranged […] Continue Reading »

  • Bereshit 5762

    Haftarah Bereshit (Isaiah 42:5 – 43:10) October 13, 2001 The essence of the opening verses of the Torah, describing creation, are found in the following words of Moses Maimonides, the great 12-13th century Spanish – North African sage and philosopher: “The foundation of all foundations and the pillar of wisdom is to know that there […] Continue Reading »