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  • Haftarah Behaalotekha

    Haftarah Parshat Behaalotekha (Zechariah 2:14-4:7) June 7, 2014 / 9 Sivan 5774 The final prophecy in this week’s haftarah deals with the challenges faced by one of the leaders of the return to Zion from Babylonian after the destruction of the Second Temple. This leader, Zerrubabel, was faced with insurmountable problems in trying to rebuild […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Naso

    Haftarah Parshat Naso (Judges 13:2-25) May 31, 2014 / 2 Sivan 5774 The barren woman who is remembered by God and miraculously made fertile is a recurrent motif in biblical literature beginning with the first matriarch, Sarah. Manoah’s wife, the mother of Samson, is one in this line of examples: “There was a certain man […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Bemidbar

    Haftarah Parshat Bemidbar (Hosea 2:1-22) May 24, 2014 / 24 Iyar 5774 In the first chapter of the book of Hosea, God charges him with delivering a harsh denunciation of the behavior and disloyalty of the children of Israel. He is told to marry a harlot and to sire children from her, giving each child […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Behukkotai

    Haftarah Parshat Behukotai (Jeremiah 16:19-17:14) May 17, 2014 / 17 Iyar 5774 The second prophecy in this week’s haftarah opens with a very painful image: “The guilt of Judah is inscribed with a stylus of iron, engraved with an adamant point on the tablets of their hearts, and on the horns of their altars.” (17:1) […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Behar

    Haftarah Parshat Behar (Jeremiah 32:6-27) May 10, 2014 10 Iyar 5774 The prophet Jeremiah lived in trying times, when his nation was on the verge of destruction. His nation was overwhelmed by despair and doubt. To quell the nation’s despondency, God prophesied to Jeremiah to redeem his ancestral property at a time when such behavior […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Emor

    Haftarah Parshat Emor (Ezekiel 44:15-31) May 3, 2014 / 3 Iyar 5774 Ezekiel’s discussion of the rules and regulations governing the priestly order often differ from those found in the Torah. These differences have been taken up in any number of discussions in rabbinic literature and provide fodder for debate even today. The last verse […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Kedoshim

    Haftarah Parshat Kedoshim (Amos 9:7-15) April 26, 2014 / 26 Nisan 5774 This week’s haftarah marks the end of the book of Amos. His final prophecy is both cautionary and conciliatory. For the righteous remnant, the redemption will bring with it both peace and prosperity while the wicked will be vanquished.  Amos’ description of the […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah First Day of Pesach

    The First Day of Passover (Joshua 5:2-6:1; 6:27) April 15, 2014 15 Nisan 5774 Before the children of Israel could be redeemed from Egypt, God required them to circumcise their sons. This rite was not practiced during the sojourn in the desert until after the entry into the land of Canaan. After the children of […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Aharei Mot/ Shabbat Hagadol

    Parshat Aharei Mot/ Shabbat Hagadol (Malachi 3:4-24) April 12, 2014 / 12 Nisan 5774 Malachi is the last of the prophetic books and his message is looked upon as reflecting a desire to achieve the idyllic state where all will recognize God, see themselves as answerable to God and be involved in building a society reflective […] Continue Reading »

  • Haftarah Parshat Metzora 5774

    Haftarah Parshat Metzorah (2 Kings 7:3-20) April 5, 2014 5 Nisan 5774 The last two lines of this week’s haftarah refer back to an episode found in the two verses which precede the haftarah. In this episode, the land is suffering from a dire draught and famine is rampant. Elisha promises at the gate of […] Continue Reading »