Today is October 5, 2015 -


Yitzchak R. Jacobsen, Associate Director

Yitz is a graduate of the Hebrew University and persued M.A. studies at Neve Schecter. He was the first USCJ Shaliach in 1969 and has been with USCJ since. Among his many areas of expertise, Yitz is the overall supervisor of Center programs, budgets and the development of the beautiful Fuchsberg campus.

Rabbi Edward S. Romm, Director of Education, Campus Programs and Visitors

Rabbi Romm is also in charge of the Fuchsberg web site and listservs and works with incoming groups and visitors that come through the Center. He received his M.A., Rabbinical Ordination and D.D. (h.c.) from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Before joining the staff of USCJ Israel in 1985 he was the founder (1978) and first director of the Israeli Masorti “Noam Youth Movement”.

Nahum Binder, Director of Lev V’Nefesh

He recently returned from three years of Shlichut on behalf of the Jewish Agency in New York where he served as the USY Central Shaliach. Previously Nahum was the Assistant Director of Nativ and USY Programs in Israel. Nahum is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in International Relations.

David Keren, Director of Youth Programs in Israel

Graduate of the Hebrew University and certified tour guide. Served as the head of Education at camp Ramah Wisconsin and as the director of Nativ for 15 years.

Yossi Garr, Director of Nativ

Yossi has been working with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Nativ for over 14 years beginning as a Madrich for Nativ 16 and the Assistant Director of Nativ 18 & 19. Yossi also served as the USY Central Shaliach in New York for four years. Yossi’s undergraduate degree in Jewish History is from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and he has an M.A. in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

Maya Dolgin, Nativ Coordinator

Maya is a bogeret of Nativ 25 (Kehilla-Be’er Sheva track). She is from Huntington, NY and graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in cognitive and linguistic sciences. Maya plays guitar and sings, and loves going to hear live music. In her spare time, she is always ready to explore a place in Israel where she’s never been. Maya was staff for the Nativ 30 Kibbutz group and this past summer Maya worked at Ramah Day Camp in Nyack as the Rosh Edah and Rosh Mishlachat. Maya made aliyah this past year and lives in Jerusalem.

Na’ama Levitz Applbaum, Director , Golda Och Academy Programs in Israel

Naama has spent the last decade working and teaching in various informal educational settings. She has served as a Program Director at The Israel Experience, managing educational groups from the US, training staff and overseeing client relations and budgets. In addition she spent two years in Boston as Director of The High School Curriculum at The David Project. She is finishing her MA in Talmud and Halahka and is pursuing her Rabbinic ordination. She is currently part of the leadership teams both at Yeshivat Talpiot and Minyan Sod Siach, and enjoys leading different communities in davening. Naama lives in Jerusalem with her husband Ari and twin boys Roni and Yuval.

Rabbi Joel Roth, Rosh Yeshiva

The Louis Finkelstein Professor of Talmud and Jewish Law at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He formerly served as Dean of the Rabbinical School at JTS and Chair of the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.

Rabbi Pesach Schindler, Rosh Yeshiva Emeritus

Rabbi Schindler received rabbinic ordination from Rav Elimelech Bar-Shaul, Chief Rabbi of Rechovot, and a Ph.D. in Jewish History and Philosophy from New York University. He is Assistant Professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Studies in the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University and a Senior Faculty member of the International School of Yad Vashem (Theology and Rabbinic Studies). He served as the director of the Shirley & Jacob Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism for twenty-five years.

Rabbi Joel Levy, Yeshiva Director

Rabbi Levy studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, was chair of the Program at Limmud conference and is an ex-director of NOAM England. He received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi David Hartman in 2000. Joel also teaches in the Jewish Studies Faculty of the Machon L’Madrichei Chul and for Ta Shma. He has been the part-time rabbi of Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue, Britain’s only fully egalitarian traditional shul, since 2001. He teaches Talmud and Practical Halacha.

Rabbi Gail Diamond, Director of Institutional Advancement  & Associate Yeshiva Director

Rabbi Diamond received her M.H.L. and Rabbinic Ordination from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and served for seven years as a congregational rabbi before making aliyah in 2001.

Suzanne Goldstein, Office Manager

Suzanne trained as a teacher in England, and took an intensive secretarial course before making Aliyah in 1971. She joined the Shirley & Jacob Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in 1995.

Rabbi Paul Freedman, Director of Israel Commission

Rabbi Paul Freedman, currently Director of the USCJ Israel Commission and Israel Liaison for Project Reconnect, served as USY’s first International president and directed the USCJ Department of Youth Activities from 1967 till he and his wife, Nina made aliyah in 1991.Ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1970,he views one of his most significant achievements the launching of Nativ in 1980.They have three sons and ten grandchildren, all living in Israel.